Dedication To Trademark Law

Our exclusive focus on trademark law gives us knowledge and experience that directly affect the efficiency of your trademark strategies. We provide comprehensive trademark representation, from clearance through enforcement. This is the road we drive every single day, so you can rest assured we have the knowledge and experience to get you to your destination more efficiently and effectively than anyone else.

Attorney/Paralegal Teams

At IPLA, we handle matters in three member teams comprised of a partner, associate and paralegal. This team structure provides the most efficient handling of matters for the lowest cost to our clients. Many firms reduce their costs by assigning work to support staff. This is efficient for them, but not always best for their clients. By having our entire team of attorneys and paralegals researching the lay of the land, we can better assist you with strategies and provide you with more informed counsel.

Superior Quality Can Be Cost-Effective

We consistently prove that the combination of high quality legal services and cost-effective representation is not an anomaly.

We function as an external part of your team. We are invested in making legal strategy an affordable part of your business and growth model. To assure this, we have developed a unique fixed fee billing system for all domestic and international trademark matters that is inclusive of all fees and costs through registration of a trademark and focus enforcement on early settlement whenever reasonably possible.

We work with companies of all sizes, including startups, and so we are aware of the importance of cost-efficient legal strategies, and are proactive about delivering superior services within budget.

Results, Results, Results

Less talk, more action. Our results speak for themselves, whether it’s managing the trademark strategies for a short-term accommodations client in a way that lowered their overall legal costs by 75% or coming up with custom search strategies for a gaming client that allowed them to clear future brand names worldwide twice as fast and at a fraction of the cost. Every client experiences different results, but they all get results.

We Know How To Help Your Brand Grow

We take a worldview to your trademark needs. Our attorneys have experience researching and filing trademarks in over 180 countries. Beyond our own professional experience, our clients additionally benefit from our global network of law firms in over 180 countries and on every continent. We join you as a custodian of your brand, helping you register and enforce your marks around the world. Our foreign affiliate firms are ready to hit the ground running for you when you require international assistance.

You’ll Be In Good Company

Our attorneys have represented and/or handled the worldwide trademark portfolios of clients such as Snapchat, Zynga, Clorox, Burt’s Bees, Allbirds, Fabletics, Vuori, Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Signal Messenger, Wish, WhatsApp, P.F. Chang’s, Atlassian, Airbnb, Target Brands, GIA, eHarmony, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Yahoo! and more. Whether you’re already a household name or aspire to become one, we have taken the steps before, and are ready to take them with you.