Should a trademark require enforcement or litigation, IPLA will step in to enforce your rights against would-be thieves attempting to profit from your brand equity. We staff our cases cost-effectively, always aiming for satisfactory resolutions that settle matters at the least cost to you. We know that your funds are better spent investing in new brands and growth than in legal battles, and we act accordingly.

Over the years, we have handled thousands of trademark oppositions and numerous major litigation matters around the world. The breadth of enforcement experience that we are able to bring to our clients is simply unparalleled, which results in greater efficiencies. Our clients further benefit from the fact that our trademark enforcement services are exclusively available to clients whose brands we ourselves have registered.

Our enforcement actions for your brand may include:
  • iTunes/Google Play/Twitter/Facebook takedown requests
  • TTAB and Foreign Opposition and Cancellation actions
  • Federal Court and foreign jurisdiction litigation
  • Anti-counterfeiting enforcement which includes shutting down factories manufacturing counterfeit products